The Komputer Laboratory


KLab is an IT craft, which deals with challenging SysOp/DevOps tasks and Networking. Part of the Internet and DN42 networks.

As small ISP, KLab operates AS216311.

KLab Services

IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Get practical advice and support for your IT needs.
We're available for freelance and external work in DevOps/SysOp and Networks area. Hire us!

Home Computer services and recommendations

Have problems with your home computer? Need new computer or upgrade yours? We're here to help.
We can help with buying, assembling and installing Linux/Windows and other software.
Need our help? Just write us.

LIR Services

Want to be part of Internet? Then you will need to get your address block and maybe autonomous system (AS).
We can arrange it for you. Drop us a letter.

Simple Hosting planned

Need to have server in free Internet?
We have server to share. We are also planning to provide BGP as part of hosting services.
Sounds interesting? Let's speak!

Goodwill/Free Services

Our Team

Aleksandr Muravja aka Kyberorg

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us at contact@klab.sh
We speak: English, Russian, Estonian and Ukrainian.